Timelapse Tuesday: Toads Bernal Necklace

Toad checks in with an afternoon laying down a necklace around his beloved Bernal Hill….

Shot with a canon g9 on location Bernal Hill.  I take my dog for walks up there and am always thinking of earthworks to do there because there is cool Davinci labyrinth up there.  One day some one left a few piles of white rock up as if they were gonna create something.  Months went by so I decided to rearrange them to juxtapoz them against the reddish bernal strata layers.  It looks like a pearl necklace.  It lasted about 2 days til someone scattered them off.  It was funny no one touched the rocks for months but you move them 20 ft and put them in a row and people fuck with them. I wish I had a camera on the humans who dissassemblec it. #toadsworthy

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