Remembering Mark “Monk” Hubbard

Words can’t do him justice, and neither can I. Here’s a video attempt to pay tribute to one of the greats. Miss you Hubbard

Rest In Peace Roger Mark Hubbard 1970-2018.

My friend Roger Mark Hubbard died June 8, 2018. Talk about skateboard legends, this dude saw his destiny, went out, built it, made it, skated it and moved on to the next. This video is from the day we gave Kyle Walker Skater of the Year. We ran out of gas, we were in two car accidents, we drove all the way up from LA then went out and bombed Dolores all night. Marty was a true skateboard pioneer. Talk about doing it yourself, this dude did it all. He’s gone but his legend will live forever. Whenever there’s somebody building something, I think of Marty cause he was just that good. We flipped a car together in Australia 2004, but we were always resilient. I miss him, and there ain’t nobody like him. Survived by wife Jenny and children Kaya, Leona, and Odin. Once again, rest in peace. Roger Mark Hubbard 1970-2018. –Jake Phelps (excerpted from