2014: Trife Year Review

2014 Poster570
Another year, another Trife slideshow. Sadly lost two friends this year (RIP Shockus
and Bahram), but three of my good friends had babies, I got my first ever signature
skateboard wheel, two good friends got engaged, the homie Wes won Skater of the Year
and I got to see Vancouver, Portland, NYC and more… Cheers to all you all, big love
2015 is gonna kick ass!


2014, how can I explain it? I’ll take you frame by frame it. Lost a couple good bros(RIP Shockus and Bahram), lost more then that. Didn’t lose the World Series though! Got my own wheel and griptape which still floors me. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric the Actor, and Joan Rivers died… Worst year ever? Lets keep it positive. Three good friends had babies while two other good friends got engaged. This is a slideshow, not really sure what purpose it has but hopefully it brings joy to someone out there Watermelon. But for those that know, THANK YOU! 2015 is seriously gonna kick ass, NO DOUBT…