Vans Park Series 2017: Huntington Beach

I’ve been coming down to US OPEN for probably at least five years now. This year I came down a day early to try out my new Lumix GH5 from Panasonic and see how it shoots photos during the Continental heats. The following photos were all shot by me on a Lumix GH5 from Panasonic with no flash. Most shot at 1/500 shutterspeed…

After suck-ass LA traffic doubled my ETA, I finally got to lay my eyes on this years course. Lookin’ pretty good…

Thank you for all the miles Dakine!

Ever play “Where’s Waldo” with Hammeke??? Have ya?

Love seeing my bros…

They got the best transition skater judges in the biz, wait is that Davis Torgerson?!?!?!

Bordo warmin’ her up with that classic comfy cat style…

Tate Carew throwin’ stales around all day long

Willy Lara fryin’ up the nosegrinds, fully cooked

Cedric Pabich lien mellon

“Ansel is finally old enough to eat solid foods which means we can now share snacks…”

TIME FOR A WHO BONELESS’D BETTER??? (you can comment below)
Tate Carew

Willy Lara


Heimana Reynolds

Jack Winburn

Willy Lara

Shirts off time for studly Stolling; something serious must be going down…

Leave it to Beaver…

Wait what?!?!?!

The ol patented bs smith from Bordo…

D.Vargs cruisin’

Believe it or not Willy took this indy to disaster…

Sup Zion

The girls continental started bright and early, and Nicole Hause was flyin’ through the practice heats…

 Poppy ‘Speaking of Brighton early’ or should it be ‘Poppy Starr shines Brighton at the US Open???’

Surf contest, skate contest, then life guard-Lea Taylor does it all

Hunter Long goes frontside out of the deep…

“Ok, you know on instagram when you swipe up…”

Nicole was in the Hause, but couldn’t quite put it together so we’ll be seeing her again at the end of the week…

Spencer Breaux took second place!

Dora Varella with a layback style took first and gets the golden ticket to Shanghai…

Podium placement had Minna third, Spencer second, and Dora with the win…

Joe and Gale not gonna face off this time, the cold shoulder award goes to…

Back to the dudes, it’s Canadian nose-manual God, Riley Boland taking it to the air with a body varial…

Chuck B the enemy telling you to hear it…

Damn, Heimana came up on that new new from Thrasher…

Logan Frank follows me on Insta, so I had to follow his lipslide around the corner…

Slam of the day…

Hot Damn!

Van Doren looks concerned…

Cab shares his concern…

And he’s out

Back to the action with Asher Bradshaw spinnin’ a 5…

A proper front invert from Heimana Reynolds who landed third place.

And then for the highlight of the day. P.Ryan, cooked but not burnt, fried but not stirred, airborn for days yet grounded by his parents-that’s right Patrick fuckin’ Ryan straight to Shanghai for fried rice with the win!!!!

1. Patrick Ryan
2. Luiz Francisco Canettieri Nunes Mariano (one dude 5 names-no joke!)
3. Heimana Reynolds

Congrats my bro!

I was there dot com… FRIED


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