Schmittys Reef 7.14.2013

It’s everyone’s favorite time again, that’s right Schmitty’s Reef Porn!!! Since last time I got a few new additions including Harely the harlequin shrimp, Mean Joe Green (an emerald crab), 4 snails to help clean the sand further, and today a Birdsnest coral…

Ta da!!! The Birdsnest Coral which is also referred to as Seriatopora Needle, Finger, or Brush Coral.

An overview of what hopefully will fill up with Birdsnest in that middle area…

I bought Harley to get rid of all the Asteria stars that were takign over my tank. One 12 day trip to Oregon and when I came back, all the stars were GONE! So today I went and bough him a treat. Didn’t take ol’ Harley long to identify dinner…

Instantly putting the Star into the camel clutch…

Bonne appetite!!!

And the token clown shot. Not saying drummers are clowns, but you get the drift Pesci rules!

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