Been going to Berkeley park a lot and skating with Chubby. Who’s Chubby you ask?


This is Ben; everyone calls him Chubby. He’s a thirteen year old kid that skates the Berkeley park more then anyone and pretty much has a new trick up his sleeve every time I see him. He calls Drehobl anywhere from five to twenty times a day and never leaves a message. He’s the kid on the left hand side of our epiclyTRIFE header. Basically he’s pretty epic and gets the first ever epiclyTRIFE interview.

How old are you? I’m 13.
Where are you from? Berkeley, CA.
Where are your favorite places to skate? Jims ramp, Berkeley Park and anything epic.
Top 5 skaters? Hewitt, Cards, all the members of no box, Stranger, and Jason Jesse
Worst 5 skaters? Steve Bacon, Nate Sherwood, Josh Casper… Uh, I don’t know.
If you could ride for any company, the one to be on for you would be? Antihero for sure.
Shit that sucks? Not getting’ box, school, uh rain.
How could they improve Berkeley skatepark? Berkeley would be soooooo sick if it was made by Dreamland or Grindline.
Best thing you’ve seen go down at Berkeley skatepark? Best thing at Berkeley Park ever was something from Dan or Major. I don’t know, probably when Trujillo came.
Who is the worst session killer? Steve Bacon. He is the numero uno session killer, he sucks.
Who is Steve Bacon? He is a magnet board fag.
Why does he suck? Cuz he talks shit so I was gonna fight him but he bitched out.
Did you share a cabin with him at skate camp? No, and I don’t go to no skate camp.


Who would you go home and J-O to, if they showed up at the park? If some epic bento box came, then of course!
Was getting a free ticket to the SOTY party the best thing that’s ever happened to you? Uh, kind of. The best thing that happened is skating.
What trick do you think you could take Evan out with in a game of SKATE? I think a half-cab flip but Evan would win.
Favorite part of epiclyTRIFE? epiclyTRIFE is epic because its NObox stylee.
Thrasher or Slap? Thrasher
Why? Because there are no hesh articles in Slap.
What’s trife about epiclyTRIFE? I don’t know what Trife is. When I hear it, it kinda sounds like a fish.
How many hours a day do you spend on myspace? I’ll say about 2 to 3.
Why do you call Dan like 10 times and not leave one message? I don’t call Dan 10 times. I call like maybe 2 or 3 times and I hate leaving messages cuz no one ever calls u back nowadays.
Best restaurant in the East Bay without a doubt? That’s a hard one. I’m really into La Chaval in Oakland.
What are some future goals for yourself? I don’t know; skate and get good, and lose weight.
How much weight are you aiming to lose? Uh I don’t know, like 10 pounds I hope.
Last words/shot outs? My message is to be epic and skate Berkeley. I
got to give a shout out to all my NObox homies, Major, uh all my homies… I don’t know. I love those ladies with the roast beef curtains ya know!?

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