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3 best things about being pregnant?
1. Getting strangers to pick shit up for you if you dropped something.
2. Not getting hit on by all the vagrants and gangsters outside my house. But for some, it’s the opposite effect.
3. Getting hit on from behind, then turning around to see I’m knocked up…the expression on their face is priceless. I should also probably mention that one of the best things about being pregnant is watching the little one go nuts in your belly. It feels weird and looks even weirder. It’s really like in the movie Alien.

3 worst things about being pregnant?
1. Dudes asking if I am going to breastfeed…what the fuck do you care?
2. Being sober all the time…and have your most wasted pile of a friend slap a beer out of your hand if you take a sip of it…Thanks T-mo
3. Bodily functions in overdrive. I have seem to sprung a leak everywhere

How did it effect Trixie and the Tomatoes?
We sold it to Vivid Video in Burbank.

Best moment of the baby shower?
Tony coming home with 13 paperclips tattooed on his chest.

Any advice for girls wanting to get pregnant?
Take the Morning After Pill too many times in your reproductive life… Also, role playing at 6am seemed to help.

What date are you predicting the baby will be born?
I’m saying the 12th or the 23rd. Had a dream it happened on the 12th. And 23 is a magic number.

If it’s born on that date, who wins the dough?
If it happens on the 12th, Adam Dyet gets it. If it is on the 23rd, Rune Glifberg and your girlfriend, Kelly would split it. It’s up to $140 now.

We know it’s a boy, but do we have a name yet?
Franken Strangeman. No name, he will remain nameless until we can play with him.

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