PeelanderZ SteakSign
This is Peelander-Z and they’re from Japan, they just played the Parkside last night-epic! Check em out for sure if they come to your town. They’re fuckin amazing live with a human bowling bowl performance and tons of signs, props, and other gimicks. Click on the photo for a link to their video song about steak. For more info go to Also last night:

DOubleDs PStone
In between flappin about staying at Cabs house for a couple weeks and filmin his 40 stair handrail slider, some drunken demo he did with Navs, Andy Mac and T. Hawk; I was able to get Pstone to pose with the band Double D’s. I just wanted a photo, I wasn’t asking for a Rolling Stone cover.

PeelanderZ Becker
Becker got himself into a trife sticky situation.

PeelanderZ Fishnets
Fishnet shot of the night

SamHitz JoinsIn
The Hit-man ain’t afraid to join in the band…

PeelanderZ HumanBowlingBowl
The human bowling bowl maneuver mid set, seriously check these guy out!

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